Good Questions: Best Way to Paint Over Bad Wallpaper?

Good Questions: Best Way to Paint Over Bad Wallpaper?

Colleen Quinn
Oct 28, 2008

ATDC reader Kristen needs help dealing with ugly wallpaper:

Hi AT! We're renting an older house in DC that has some pretty bad wallpaper. The landlord doesn't care what we do because the house will probably be sold as a teardown after we move out. We will probably only be there for a year, so it doesn't make sense for us to take down the wallpaper, but we'd like to not live with the wallpaper. So... we'd like to paint over the wallpaper, which I know is usually a HUGE no no. Does anyone have any suggestions for doing so? What primer should we use?

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Kristen- No advice to offer; we've been forced to paint over previously painted wallpaper before and it was a complete nightmare. If the house is a teardown that might not be a concern, but the peeling painted wallpaper was one of the reasons we're not in that house anymore...

Do any of our readers have any advice on handling this design dilemma?

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