Good Questions: Help with Soundproofing?

Good Questions: Help with Soundproofing?

Nov 19, 2007


I have a door dilemma!!! I will be sharing a small San Francisco in-law with another person, and there is no door between my room and the kitchen right outside it. I want something that will block more noise than a simple curtain, but because I rent, my options are a bit limited. I was thinking of a big piece of foam to stick in there, but it needs to be functional, and constantly moving it might get annoying after awhile. I am a college student, so the cheaper the better...PLEASE HELP!!!



If you don't want to try a really heavy curtain, how about a Bookcase Sliding Door? It doesn't even have to be on a track like this one, it could just have casters on the bottom. Also, check out the links listed -- especially the comments readers made about Homasote, etc.

Other ideas, creative readers?

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