Good Questions: How Do I Keep Warm?

Good Questions: How Do I Keep Warm?

Nov 21, 2007

Dear Apartment Therapy,

Now that it's starting to get a bit chilly in SF, I'm contemplating another winter with the dry, smelly, forced-air heating system in my apartment. I've got a rental, so I can't change the heating system itself -- what alternatives do I have for keeping warm (other than a thick sweater)?

Does it use more or less energy to heat one room with a space heater than it does to heat the whole two-bedroom apartment with forced air? I only use the heat for a few weeks a year, but I'd like to be able to enjoy my home during that time!




Heavy window treatments and rugs (if you don't have carpeting) will help somewhat.

We've used a DeLonghi space heater in the past, and loved it.

We've read conflicting opinions about whether it takes more or less energy to use a space heater in one room. Does anyone know?

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