Ideas for My 11 Year Old Boy's Room?

Ideas for My 11 Year Old Boy's Room?

Janel Laban
Sep 1, 2009

Q: I need ideas for fixing up my 11 year old's room. I want it to reflect his taste (sports), my taste (modern), and it has to be functional and affordable. Here's what I have so far: vintage walnut dresser w/mirrror, matching nightstand, steel workbench, and random pieces from IKEA. I was thinking of getting the Malm bed (twin size), but wanted to do something interesting with it. Paint? Decoupage?

I must admit I am not the handiest person, but I can follow directions. I do not want to go to gimmicky because his taste might change and I want this room to grow with him until I can kick him out and take my vintage pieces back!

Do you have any ideas/ pics of boy teen/ 'tween rooms?

Sent by: Qiana

Editor: Please share your ideas and inspirations for a modern looking room for a young sports lover with Qiana in the comments below - thanks!

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Image: Sports Silhouettes Wall Mural from 4walls

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