Good Questions: Temporary Modern Divider Suggestions?

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Hello AT,

I have a room right next to a bathroom and I want to put in our home office there. We live in Tribeca and look is modern. Instead of putting up a white wall I would like to use a divider that is temporary and functional without going over $2000. I do not want to put up a book case. Do you have any ideas? I have enclosed photos of some ideas as well as a photo of the room.

Thank you sooo much! Mona

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Dear Mona,

With a budget of $2000, we would say go with this top pick: the Molo Softwall. This is a great solution because it is such a cool modern design, totally flexible in terms of changing shape to fit your needs and transluscent - allowing light to flow through.

Anyone else?

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Molo Softwall

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Ikea Dunker

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Ventana Lamp by Pablo Pardo

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