Good Questions: Claustrophobia Solution?

Good Questions: Claustrophobia Solution?

Maxwell Ryan
Mar 30, 2006

Hello AT,

The good news is that I've found an affordable co-op. The bad news is that all the windows face the building next door. What design tips could I use to keep claustrophobia at bay?

Thanks, Alison

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Dear Alison,

If the view isn't great but you still get sunshine try to get as much of the sunshine in as possible and distract your gaze from the ugly view. Keeping your window REALLY clean will help get the sun in, while hanging a very sheer linen curtain halfway down will add lovely texture and hide the view. You could also put a windowbox of flowers outside the window to give you something to look at that is uplifting.

You can also add plant to your windowsill inside if the outdoors don't work for you. In short, anything you do to lead your gaze to the windows but not to the building across the way will help.

We have done all of these things and they WORK.

Anyone else????

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