Good Questions: Memory Books

Good Questions: Memory Books

Alejandra Valera
Jun 11, 2007

Bridgett sent us an email: "I've been searching for a cool baby memory book, not dedicated to a boy or girl ('cause I ain't gots no clue what's baking inside me), that's AFFORDABLE. I love the Binth Baby Book but it's $110. Who has that kind of money?"

Great question, Bridgett! We all want to remember our baby's every moment, but paying too much for a baby book will only have us remembering how much we spent.

For those of us not handy enough to bind our own books, we're left looking for an attractive and inexpensive book to log our baby memories. My Mama Bear offers a cute alphabet-themed memory book for only $25. Baby Sakes has a polka dotted Carter's book for $23.

Do you have any other recommendations or ideas for Bridgett?

Photo from The Writer's Book

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