Good Questions: Help with Our Living Room Fireplace?

Good Questions: Help with Our Living Room Fireplace?

Aug 19, 2008

Hello AT, We are just about finished with our DIY kitchen remodel and are eager to move on to our next project - the living room fireplace. Our plan is to remove the fireplace mantel, build out the wall around the fireplace (from floor to ceiling) 12 inches and tile over the brick around the fireplace and floor. We want to then put in 12 inch deep, 35 inch tall built-in cabinets on the bottom and shelves on the walls above to the ceiling...

We plan on getting the cabinets in white from Ikea in either Solar or Applad and using a natural stained wood for the top of the cabinets and the wall shelves. The TV will be moved down and placed on the wall beside the fireplace between a shelf and the cabinet. And all cords will be behind the wall. My question is a simple one - will this look good?

I want to go with a natural-modern look of white streamlined cabinets and lightly stained wood for the shelves (looking at reclaimed wood for the shelves). New furniture purchases will be dependent on the look of the room, so that is not a concern. Any suggestions would be great!



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