Good Questions: Creative Ideas for this Table?

Good Questions: Creative Ideas for this Table?

Janel Laban
Jan 26, 2009

Adam sent us an email: Just looking for a bit of creative spark from the commenters. I bought these tables via craig and they have this unusual plastic/tin inlay with what appears to be a Christmas pattern. They don't pop out, but there is a glass cover, so I was thinking of cutting a graphic print to size or collaging vintage postcards/photos...

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It's my first apartment, so I'm trying to avoid looking too college- esque, and I'm a little hung up on the fact that most of my ideas seem to scream COLLEGE like a Belushi sweatshirt.

Here's hoping fellow ATers can give me something to "borrow."

Please share your NON-college-y ideas with Adam in the comments - thanks!

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