Good Questions: Should We Use Our LR as a DR?

Good Questions: Should We Use Our LR as a DR?

Janel Laban
Feb 18, 2009

Angela is looking for some ideas about setting up her new condo: Should we use our living room as a dining room? We have a small second bedroom that is currently used as an office (it's just two of us). Our living room (only 11.5x13.5 with doorways to consider) doesn't have enough wall space for more than a chair and small sofa, and is too small to pull the furniture away from walls. In our old space, we gravitated to the dining room...

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We can't fit a table in our kitchen, but would like space to entertain and sit with friends. We can't do without a "living room" because my husband and I like to sit comfortably and watch movies at home (we have a 42" plasma TV). We considered using our second bedroom as a dining room, but the location seems too far from the kitchen. I've attached a draft of my basic floor plan that shows where I thought to place our "living room" furniture and dining table. Any thoughts?

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