Good Questions: What Color Curtains in My Bedroom?

Good Questions: What Color Curtains in My Bedroom?

Aug 29, 2008

Hi AT, I am having a seriously hard time deciding what color curtains to have in my bedroom. I bought orange, because that was what some friends told me to do, but now am thinking about switching to green...

...I have more green going on in the rest of my apt. I have never really liked the color orange, but I do like how warm it makes the room feel. Help please! Thanks!



Our go-to color for curtains is white. But if you really like color, way back in '05 a NY reader named Mary made curtains that were two layers, yellow and white (check out this post and this one). We remember that they looked great (did we see them on TV, too?). We're wondering if you might like the orange with a layer of white over them to diffuse the color, but keep the warmth...

Anyone else?

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