Good Questions: How to install a tin ceiling?

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In the thread on Dana Joy's house tour, commenter Kerry said, "I loved everything, including the wonderful ceilings..Do you have any suggestions on where to look for how to do this? I live in a vintage apartment with some nice period details, but there is a drop ceiling in the bedroom! I'd love to do away with it. Thanks!"

We found two online walk-throughs (with pictures - hooray) at, here and here, and one at It seems like a very do-able project.

Most sites that sell the panels also offer installation instructions so there is lots of info on how-to out there. M-boss sells the panels, as does The American Tin Ceiling Co. and Brian Greers.

Has anyone installed tin ceilings in their home, either as a diy project or with professional installation? We'd love your input....

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Good Questions

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