Good Questions: Floor Covering for this Bathroom?

Good Questions: Floor Covering for this Bathroom?

Janel Laban
Mar 26, 2009

Brandon writes: Big fan of AT and now am in search of some design feedback. My wife and I recently finished a renovation of our home and as with most projects, the budget ran a bit short and the end and our ability to focus and make long term decisions waned. We vowed never to again have a light tile floor in our bathrooms...

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...but due to the aforementioned and our fear of making the bathroom appear smaller than it is (under a sloping roofline), we used basic white tiles on the floor and part of the bath surround. While it looks OK in photos, real life with white tile is not for us - think lots of curly brown hair everywhere. Re-tiling is not in the budget so what else can we do? Any good floor coverings that can handle a bit of moisture and won't add too much color and break up the lines - we're of the mindset that a few simple colors make a space look larger. I know, lot's a parameters. Any ideas?

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