Good Questions: Less Expensive Alternatives?

JP sent in a good question: Hi. It has been a year and a half since Chicago AT posted about various "anti-closet" options, including the Tom Dixon wire coat rack. I LOVE the coat rack, especially with two of the smaller racks together wrapping around a wall. Problem is, at 300 to 350 per unit, even one is waaay more than I can afford...

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-- no less two....I'm buying my first co-op apartment soon, and I need so many new furniture pieces... a funky coat rack isn't what I can spend real money on right now, no matter how fabulous.I'm wondering if anyone in AT's community knows anywhere I might be able to find one of Dixon's coat racks used for, say $50 to $75? Or, is there a knock-off or something very similar that would be much less expensive? Thanks!

Any suggestions or sources for JP? Let us know in the comments below...

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Good Questions

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