Good Questions: Help! Fighting Over Spouse's Stuff

Good Questions: Help! Fighting Over Spouse's Stuff

Janel Laban
Apr 28, 2009

Dave sent in a question over the weekend: My wife and I have fought for 10 years about (her) stuff. She keeps ketchup packets from McDonald's, has an old 1968 Volvo in the garage that is far from running & far from a collector's item. No matter how big the house we live in, she fills it up. Not with expensive stuff, just stuff. What stuff? Ugly plants , plastic toys (even ones that are broken), etc. Today I was putting suitcases away and found two unmatched sides of a plastic egg, and some ratty old REI waist pack (she has 5 newer ones). I tossed them down from the attic but they were "snatched and saved" before I could even get downstairs....

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She pulls stuff I throw away out of the garbage and is constantly on red-alert that I am being wasteful. Any advice? I am boiling over with anger. I know I am a minimalist - but I spend too much of my day in the house looking at things that are cluttered and messy & that I can't just chuck. I don't know how much longer I can take living this way.

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