Good Questions: A Child-friendly Tablecloth?

Good Questions: A Child-friendly Tablecloth?

Julia Cho
Jun 14, 2007

We caught this question on Open Thread #12: With a toddler running around the house I really want to save my beautiful dining table from completely getting dinged :( Our coffee table has got a fair share of it !!

Any recommendations on nice modern tablecloths that don't look too frumpy ?

That's a great question. We've been on our own personal search for the perfect placemats, so we're a bit partial to the placemat idea. Check out the selection at Unica Home including this design by Marimekko.

Here's an option for a tablecloth over at . This might work well for you, depending on the size you need. It's toxic free, wipes clean, and is machine washable.

If you do decide to go with a tablecloth, be sure to attach it to the table with clips. Toddlers will definitely reach for a dangling tablecloth to help them up.

Any other readers have ideas? How do you protect your table or coffee table?

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