Good Questions: How Can I Scan My Files?

Good Questions: How Can I Scan My Files?

Oct 5, 2007
Windwolf asks:

Is there a practical way I can scan a file cabinet worth of documents into digital files? I taught for many years and would love to archive a bunch of stuff and save some space and make moving easier. I have a Gateway XP laptop and an epson flatbed scanner (circa 2003ish).

Windwolf, we've been there and we don't recommend our method. We scanned a few years worth of graduate school materials with a flatbed, and frankly, it took forever. Completely worth it, however, we took about six file boxes down to one. What we would recommend from our experience is get a scanner with a good document feeder (you can always sell it when you're done on Ebay), plan your file naming system and scan quality out in advance, and save yourself a whole lot of editing by making sure everything gets scanned right-side-up. We'd also recommend getting a full version of Adobe Acrobat and making multiple paged pdfs. But despite all the effort, we'd highly encourage you to do it. It's a great idea for decluttering the home office, and lightens your load when you move. Anyone else out there tried and succeeded?

Thanks for the photo gadl.

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