Good Questions: Painting over Lacquer?

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Michelle send in a question:

I need help, Apartment Therapy! I’m moving into my first “real” feeling apartment and of course, this is making me very excited but a little too impulsive when it comes to buying the right pieces. I found an EQ3 Milo Cocktail Table that I just HAD to have because the function and size was exactly what I wanted...

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It was a second (final sale because of small chip), and when I got it home I was almost in tears because the color isn’t at all what I wanted. The photo looks dark brown, as did the table in the dark room it was purchased from. In real life and real light, it’s a medium-light chocolate glossy lacquer.

I had no luck selling it on craigslist so I’d like to try painting or covering it. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I could paint over the lacquer? I’d love for it to be glossy black, but other suggestions that aren’t quite so ambitious would be great.


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