Good Questions: Help with the Big Bad 80s Bathroom?

Angelica sent us an email: I'm in the process of moving into an otherwise lovely townhouse with a big, bad 80s bathroom. The sink, bathtub and toilet are all café au lait color, as are the tiles, and the vanity is cream, with a mottled beige counter. The whole thing wouldn't be as horrible to me if the otherwise decent tiles in the tub surround weren't punctuated with the occasional flower, and if I didn't hate earth tones quite so much. I'm hoping that your savvy readers will be able to suggest some inexpensive solutions that will make this room look cool...

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...particularly in terms of paint colors, curtain colors, or anything else they can recommend (everything not built in in these photos is not mine, and can go). Sadly, a remodel is out of the question at the moment. Style-wise, the rest of the place is what I call "mid-century salvage"... a lot of vintage Danish teak mixed in with dumpstered finds.

Thank you!

Please share your ideas and advice with Angelica in the comments below...

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