Good Questions: Where Can I Find a Cheaper Version of this Rocker?

Good Questions: Where Can I Find a Cheaper Version of this Rocker?

Janie Lee
Jun 20, 2007

Another question about rockers,this time from reader Brittanie who writes:

I am expecting a little boy later in the year and have already started on the nursery. My biggest dilema is finding a rocker/glider that I like. I love the upholstered rockers that PB Kids has, but shelling out over a thousand dollars is not something I can do. I'm looking for something similar, but that won't break the bank. Getting one in my area is difficult too. I live in Maryland, and there are hardly any baby stores around here. Any help would be great! This is close to what I'm looking for...

Dear Brittanie:

We understand your frustration. Here at AT: Nursery, we get so many questions about rockers and gliders. We ourselves ended up buying a rocker and then a glider!

We searched for you with the picture in mind and found this one from Babies R Us. As far as looks, they are very similar - rounded back, curved arms, upholstered. The best news is that it's about half the price ($399).

Our suggestion for purchasing a rocker or glider is to try it out in person. You've got to make sure it's comfortable for your frame and size, that it's adjustable to your liking, etc. Since you are a Maryland girl (we're a Washingtonian too!), we suggest going to Great Beginnings if you haven't already. The store has a huge showroom of nursery furniture that you can try out and the sales people are extremely helpful and knowledgeable.

Readers, please share your tips and suggestions with Brittanie.

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