Good Questions: Hidden Ceiling Mounted Projector

Good Questions: Hidden Ceiling Mounted Projector

Oct 21, 2007

Dear AT: HT,

I am looking to build a home theater area in my space but don't want it to overpower the room. In my mind, the ideal setup is a motorized screen that retracts into the ceiling as well as a ceiling mounted projector that can do the same. While motorized ceiling mounted screens seem to be available both new and used at somewhat reasonable prices, motorized ceiling mount projector lifts are extremely expensive, often priced higher than the projector itself. Do you or your readers have any recommendations for more affordable motorized or manual projector lifts that can retract into the ceiling when not in use?

Thanks, Rancho Guy

Rancho Guy,

Not sure how much of a DIY person you are but we did come across someone that custom built his own projector lift. We have also spent some time looking around to see if there is a manual version of a retracting projector ceiling mount but have not been able to find anything. Does anyone else have any suggestions?

Thanks for the question.

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