Good Questions: House Color?

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Hello AT,

Help! I need advice on the exterior of a house (sorry not an apartment!) See the attached photo of my new construction. It is in a traditional development, but our taste is contemporary, so we've been working to make the exterior have more of a contemporary feel and just think it is not working as well as we would have liked. Imagine drum pendant at the entry...not a chandelier. Any suggestions for exterior details, change in color, additions of stone, etc would be greatly appreciated...

Thanks, Michelle

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Dear Michelle,

W O W! Big job.

You could go a bunch of different directions.

Warm white would be safe. with the trim of the windows popping off of this.

Warm taupe - lighter than the existing color of the cement - would be a little more interesting.

Wild choice: A relative of ours painted her house black. Sounds crazy, right? It looks gorgeous tucked in among all her landscaping and greenness. Very Armani.

Anyone else??

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