Good Questions: What Color Should I Paint My House?

Vanessa writes: I am desperately in need of some help. My husband and I are having our french-country stucco home painted this summer. I have no idea what color to choose. Could you post this so that I could get some feedback from all the apartment therapists. The home is currently white with all wrong dark gray shutters...

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This summer we are painting the exterior of the home, adding new shutters and window trim and working a little on the landscaping. I would really like to bring the old painted front door back to it's natural wood look. Please give me some color suggestions for the house and the shutters. I did a little work in photoshop on a current photo of the home and I kinda like this green shade. However, this is such a big investment it's keeping me up at night. Please help me!!

Please share your feedback and suggestions with Vanessa in the comments below...thanks!

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