Good Questions: Quality Power Tools in Pink?

Good Questions: Quality Power Tools in Pink?

Janel Laban
Nov 24, 2008

Mrs. W sent us an email: So I've been looking at some pink tools lately and I think they are so cute but I am hesitant to buy them because I want something of quality. Do any major tool brands maybe do special breast cancer awareness limited pink tools or somthing?

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My dad (an architect/builder) recommended I get a Ryobi cordless drill because it is powerfull enough for anything I might want to do around the house (including DIY which, for me, has included building simple furniture in the past) and because it's light enough for someone of my petite stature. I like cordless but the batteries on some brands can get a bit hefty. He also said they even use Ryobi on their job sites. I just thought it would be nice to still feel a little girly when I'm getting all sweaty and dirty doing DIY.

Does anyone have any recommendations for Mrs. W? Let her know in the comments below...thanks!