Good Questions: Odorize or Disconnect?

Good Questions: Odorize or Disconnect?

Stephanie Kinnear
Oct 17, 2007

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Chad has a question:
I've been seeing this recent trend in "outlet air fresheners" lately. You plug it in to an outlet, leave it there, and it slowly lets off a pleasant scent to be enjoyed throughout the house. My question is, how green is this? Do they use so much power that we should be concerned or is it not enough to really care. To plug in and odor-ize or disconnect and conserve?

We think everyone should disconnect and conserve. Even if the power saving is negligible, air fresheners (for the most part) just aren't good for indoor air quality or our health.

We've blogged about aerosol air fresheners here before. They contain phthalates, which are toxic.

So what about these plug-in versions? According to a report released by the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC), the Glade PlugIn Scented Oils also contain phthalates.

Oh and does recommend that we avoid plug-in air fresheners in order to save energy. Every little bit counts, right?

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