Good Questions: Color Ideas for Front Door & Shutters?

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Jasmine is looking for some color feedback. She writes: I need some color inspiration or suggestions for painting my front door & window shutters. We just moved in last summer, and I don't like the dark pink paint the previous owners chose. The siding is a light sand color & the roof is grey... Not much I can do about those ( I am definitely not going to paint the siding). I am drawing a blank on the color(s) I should use for the door & shutters. I want something thats NOT "ordinary" and "traditional"...

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I want something fun, but not obnoxious. Please don't say red, because there are plenty of red doors in this neighborhood. Any creative suggestions?

Also, resources for more aesthetically pleasing house numbers would be much appreciated. Thank you!

Please share your ideas with Jasmine in the comments below...thanks!

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Good Questions

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