Vintage and Thrift Shops to Visit in Cleveland?

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Q - I'll be visiting my boyfriend's childhood hometown of Cleveland, OH for just a few days in mid-July. I'd love to do some thrifting for random treasures (from midcentury modern furniture to retro suitcases to funky kitchen stuff) while we're there...

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...especially since I've been working non-stop since my recent move so I haven't had any time to go thrift storing/antiquing/vintage shopping for furniture and decor for my new place. Are there options for this sort of thing in Cleveland?

Besides, I live in NYC, where thrift stores are often still overly pricey--nothing like the options I've seen whenever I've traveled elsewhere, which makes me think midwest thrifting might be more fruitful than in NY where anything good's immediately snapped up by collectors. So, AT readers: know of any great flea markets, thrift stores, antique shops and etc. in Cleveland, OH -- especially places where I might be able to stretch a dime and find MCM items, retro 50s/60s/70s stuff? Thanks!

Calling all Cleveland readers! Please add your favorites for JP to the comments below...thanks!

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Good Questions

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