Good Questions: Manual Breast Pumps

Good Questions: Manual Breast Pumps

Alejandra Valera
Jun 25, 2007

Magda sent us an email: "I want to have a manual breast pump, to take with me while we're on summer vacation but I'm not sure which brand is the best or how well they even work.

Will my hand get too tired? Are they strong enough? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated."

Good question, Magda!

Many good suggestions were made in our previous Medela's Pump in Style post. Readers LB and Exxon23 are both partial to the Avent Isis hand pump.

We used electric pumps, so while we can't give you any advice on manual pumps, we know some great suggestions from other AT Nursery readers will be coming you way.

So, what can you tell Magda about manual pumps?

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