Creating a Sleeping Area in Studio Apartment?

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Q: I'm going to be moving into this studio apartment in a couple of weeks - I'm nervous about how I'm going to set it up comfortably so that I can separate a 'bedroom' area from a 'living area' [more below]

The only thing in the floor plan that isn't true to the actual studio I'm moving into is that there isn't a walk in closet next to the heater room - that's actually the entrance to the apartment with a small 'foyer' type of area and there is a huge closet the length of the wall in the dining area next to the kitchen.

I was thinking I could put my bed in the dining area with a curtain separating it, but then I don't know if that would be weird to have to walk through there to get to the kitchen. I have a bar table with 2 stools that will fit fine in the kitchen, so I suppose I don't really need a dining area besides that.

Any suggestions would be wonderful! Thanks!

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Good Questions

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