Good Questions: Small Sofa/Futon Suggestions?

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Hello AT,

I'd like to fit a couch or futon into my 195 sq ft living room/kitchen and would appreciate some advice on what to get and how to best arrange everything. I'm afraid I'll take the easiest route and buy the IKEA grankulla but I'd like to buy/scavenge secondhand. I've had my eye on this sofa, but it's probably not practical. I don't mind investing in quality, but I also have a cat so whatever I get will be abused...

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I keep my bicycle indoors and my current storage is not as efficient as I hoped. Luckily, I get good natural light but in the evenings I rely on some string lights and my kitchen light for ambiance. Should I get a smaller table? Should I rearrange my furniture? I would appreciate any recommendations or creative solutions, except painting the walls which I'm not allowed to do.

Thanks! janet

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