Good Questions: What To Do With UWS Hallway?

Good Questions: What To Do With UWS Hallway?

Maxwell Ryan
Jul 18, 2006

Hello AT, I have been living in this apartment for 4 years now and I am quite happy with the large space (considering it's nyc). However, there are two things in the apartment that are driving me nuts: extra long narrow dark hallway, and panels on my living room walls....

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1) Does anyone have any ideas of how to make my hallway into something useful and/or interesting? it is an amazing space that is not being utilized. 2) Also how common are panels on the walls? Can I paint them over and if so, which colors would work best with my set up? Many thanks, Stephan

Dear Stephan, We think Lisa at ATSF has a great solution for you: Guest Post: The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner Anyone else??
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