Good Questions: iPod Radio

Good Questions: iPod Radio

Nov 30, 2007

Dear Home Tech,
I drew my sister-in-law's name in our family holiday Secret Santa...and I am told that the one thing she really wants is a something-or-other that allows her to listen to her iPod through her car stereo speakers. Since I don't have and iPod (or a car), I am at a loss. I asked a friend at work and she said she had one that worked via a radio station (?), but that it didn't work terribly well so she tossed it. I know this isn't really a home tech question, but AT is always a wealth of knowledge, especially on things like this where I don't even know where to start. Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks! Robyn

We'll totally agree about the over radio solutions, they can really be a pain. We've had an older version of Griffin's iTrip, and now they have an entire line of FM transmitters. Their new iTrip Auto Smartscan is intriguing to us, because it supposedly takes out the guesswork of finding the perfect station. Belkin has their attempts at this as well. We ditched our FM transmitters when we bought an inexpensive new radio with an input jack (you can find those easily for less than $100), which is far less annoying. But perhaps someone out there has had some good experiences with these new smartscan models. Anyone have some advice for Robyn?
Thanks for the question!
(Thanks for the photo *nathan.)

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