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Hello AT,

Help! My back is killing me and the culprit is the standard issue office chair at my job. Besides being ugly it offers no back support at all. I have gotten the go-ahead to order a better chair, but don't have a clue of where to start. Is there an ergonomic chair emporium in the city where I can try out various models? Some people have suggested the Aeron chairs, but are they truly comfortable?

Thanks, M

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Dear M, we believe in spending a bit for a good office chair and think that almost any one of the high performance chairs will do the trick (these are all about $600-$800). It really is a matter of style. We've used the Aeron, and it's great. These can often be found for less on Craigslist and many stores have sales on them (like Sam Flax did a month ago).

We found Conklin Office Furniture, which sells used task chairs which you can try out at their office at 230 5th Avenue.

We use a LEAP chair from Steelcase and LOVE it. We think the dark, sinister look of the Aeron wouldn't fit into our office.

As for where to try them out, DWR is a good place to do it, since they have so many. We also had a question like this over a year ago, Good Question: Where Do I Find A Good Task Chair For $450?, which has some really good answers as to what is good and where they can be bought for cheap. Evan Rose says go for the Knoll office chair - "They blow the Aeron out of the water."