Converting a Bedroom to a Closet...On the Cheap?

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Q: I live in Chicago and my husband and I are moving from our giant split level in Bucktown into an apt in West Town that has "victorian" bedrooms. On the one hand there are 3 bedrooms but on the other hand they are SMALL, like incredibly tiny, so we're going to be converting one into a closet. But, it's a rental so I'm trying to do it on the cheap...

...and I really don't have a lot of DIY skillz so I'm reaching out to see if you guys can help me with suggestions, ideas, thoughts, a place to buy a lot of garment racks for cheap.....THANKS

Sent by Jen

Editor: Have you got an ideas or suggestions for Jen on how to do this project inexpensively? Let her know in the comments below...thanks!

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Image: Ubik Closet by Poliform via Home Portfolio

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Good Questions

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