Can I Really Store My Motorcycle in My Loft?

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Q: I learned to ride a motorcycle this summer - its simply amazing! In the winter most riders store their bikes in garages or storage facilities. I was wondering if its possible to keep it in my unit so I can stare at it all season. I live in a loft that I own, a real loft, not psuedoloft-like apt. It's the Shoemaker Building in Avondale (Belmont and Pulaski). I realize that in order to keep my living room from smelling like gas/oil I will need to drain the liquids, but...

...that's recommended for winter storage anyhow. I see this in movies all the time, is it real and can I do it? Any recommendation, suggestions and warnings would be appreciated, thank you.

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Editor: We can't wait to hear the answer to this one! Please share your info and opinions with Nosherwan in the comments below...thanks!

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Good Questions

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