Good Questions: Good Tuck Away Table?

Good Questions: Good Tuck Away Table?

Maxwell Ryan
Aug 17, 2006

Hello AT,

I'm hoping readers out there can help answer some questions for me...I've been looking for a good table that can tuck away, or serve the purpose of both coffee table and dining table. The Hydra up/down table would be great, the $1000 price tag is tough to swallow.

In searching, I came across this table at City Schemes (a high end contemporary furniture shop in Boston), for which you can remove the glass, and then bundle the legs up together...

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I did an internet search and also saw it at Target online (yes, Target!) My questions are:

1) is this in fact the same table at both stores? It sure looks like it.

2) Does it have anything to do with the company that makes the Hydra hydraulic lift table?

3) Does anyone have this? Does it stand up to moderate use?

Thanks! Mary

Dear Mary,

We don't know if these are the same table, but if they look the same and the price tag is similar, it's a good chance that they are the same. It doesn't look adjustable like the Hydra however, so you'll only be able to use it as a dining table.

The Hydra folks don't have anything to do with this. They only work with their hydraulic design.

Does it stand up? It looks simple enough and worthy. If you are willing to do the work of setting it up and putting it away, it seems perfect for your situation.

Anyone else???

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