Good Questions: Radio/Cd Player for a Toddler?

Good Questions: Radio/Cd Player for a Toddler?

Julia Cho
Feb 22, 2007

Alex sent us an email
"I'm looking for a good music solution for my son's room (he will be 3 in June). He enjoys listening to music and I hope I can find something small and cute -- but that doesn't necessarily have some cartoon character's face all over it.

Parents of toddlers, what do you use, if anything? Do you have a regular radio, a radio/CD player, MP3 player with speakers or something else in your child's room?

Any suggestions or recommendations?


Good question Alex!

We have to say it's amazing how many resources one can find about the benefits of music for children. Everyone is more than willing to tell you when to play it, how to teach it, and even which CD's to play. But noone really says what they're playing their music on. You're right in that there are plenty of cartoon covered devices but nothing simple.

Here's a couple we didn't hate:

GPX Portable CD Player from Montgomery Ward Kids pictured above.

Sing-A-Long CD Player by Goldmen Electronic. This one has a simple blue and white design and definitely looks toddler friendly.

Any other thoughts for Alex? Do you have a CD Player, MP3 Player in your child's room? What kind?

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