Good Questions: Ideas for new space?

Good Questions: Ideas for new space?

Jul 20, 2006

Fellow AT:LA reader, Killorn, needs help with ideas for his new place:
Hello AT, Help! I just secured this apartment and I am starting from scratch in terms of outfitting it. I would love to get your readers' suggestions on what they would do with it!
(A floorplan is after the jump)

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We think the first thing you should think about is what functions the space needs to fulfill. Do you do a lot of entertaining? Do you work from home? Do you require a lot of storage? etc... From there, you can start finding the basic pieces that will fulfill those needs. Then, finish it off with accessories.

One idea, based off of the floorplan, is to open up the closet, and utilize part of it as a mini-office/landing strip. Maybe bookcases/shelving inside? Depending on how high your ceilings are, perhaps you can also have some sort of raised /loft type bed, using the space underneath for something else... What do you guys think? Suggestions?

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