Good Questions: Tub Refinishing Help?

Good Questions: Tub Refinishing Help?

Maxwell Ryan
Aug 23, 2006

Hello AT,

The built-in bathtub in our recently purchased apartment's bathroom is... let's just say, "less than new." Like most tubs installed in the 50's, it's seen better days, color- and stain-wise.

Dose anyone have good suggestions for either (a) "do it yourself" tub refinishing (including good stain removal products), or (b) for-hire tub re-glazing or refinishing services in NYC?

I'd be delighted with any responses! Thanks, Gabriel

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Dear Gabriel,

We have answered this question before, but it is a good one. Here is the thread from March 2005:

Good Questions: Good Tub Refinisher?

Any new sources are welcome!

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