Good Questions: Small or Large Tile in the Bathroom?

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Hello AT,

I am planning total bathroom renovation. I live in a small one bedroom apartment, with a tiny bathroom (5x7). After reading the old postings/ debates about tub vs. shower- I've decided to take the plunge to remove the tub and have a walk-in shower instead. I was thinking about using glass mosaic tiles hakatai carter series, jade blend for the floor and perhaps pale yellow for the shower surround. I had a whole plan/ design in mind until I met with my contractor this morning.

When I told him that I want to use small mosaic glass tiles for the bathroom, he was pretty against it- saying that I should go with larger tiles, granite or marble...

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He thinks that small tiles would cheapen the value of the bathroom. I had thought that smaller tiles would make the bathroom seem larger.

So what do you think? small or large?

p.s. a little about my bathroom- the tub/shower area is at the far wall when you enter, next to the shower closer to the door is the vanity. Next to the vanity is the toilet. I was thinking of replacing the vanity with a floating/wall-mount vanity with a vessel since on top.The wall mount vanity would be tiled the same color as the floor, the same tile then would extend into the shower area, creating a contrasting band around the shower.

Thanks, Rita

Dear Rita,

We love small tiles if they are very nicely done. And the Hakati glass are gorgeous.

Never trust a contractor entirely when it comes to deciding your style. If you like it and you've seen it work somewhere else, go for it.

Anyone else?

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