Good Questions: Help With Awful Wood Floors?

Good Questions: Help With Awful Wood Floors?

Maxwell Ryan
Aug 28, 2006

Hello AT,

Simply put, I hate the wood floors in my rental apartment. I am not
sure the pictures capture it, but the color is a horrible yellowish,
and combined with the scratches, it just always seems to trap dirt and look filthy. Someone put a coat of poly on it at some point, but it's uneven and worn away in places....

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I have put down rugs where I could, but I am looking for a inexpensive way to improve the floor that is still exposed. My landlord isn't crazy about drastic changes, and I am not not crazy about sinking too much money into an apartment I don't own.

I have read this site religiously for years, and would love hear any
suggestions you all have.

Thanks, ms


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