Good Questions: Where To Store Our Stuff If We Redo?

Good Questions: Where To Store Our Stuff If We Redo?

Maxwell Ryan
Sep 1, 2006

Hello AT,

When we purchased our apartment the bathroom paint was a very tired pale yellow so we put up a quick coat of light blue paint, meant to be happy and kind of match the shower curtain we already had. (Didn't have much time to deal before moving in).

Six months later, I really can't stand the color - it's too bright and plastic-looking. Instead of just changing the paint, though, I'm thinking of re-doing the whole thing. You'll see that a lot could be changed: tired "white" tiles, toilet that takes forever to flush; sink/cabinet combo, etc...

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My dilemma - aside from all the decisions that will go into renovating the entire thing - is where to put our stuff if we go with a pedestal sink. I know we could take out the tub and put in a shower but I think we need a bathtub.

I'd like a serene little space - tiled, white/neutral. Color accents would be pea/lime green, since that's what color my towels are. Finally, my plan is for this to be DIY.

Thanks! Virginia


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