Good Questions: Change This Ikea Rug for What?

Good Questions: Change This Ikea Rug for What?

Maxwell Ryan
Sep 5, 2006

Hello AT,

The IKEA rug that I currently have in my living room just isn't cutting it. I need a new one, but don't know what I'm looking for. Specifically: what size? Should the rug be large enough to go under the furniture? Also, what color(s)?...

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The color palate of my room is very bland (couches were a hand-me-down from my great-uncle Mario, so no choice there, and the walls are painted a neutral bone white from Benjamin Moore). I would like some color in the room, but am not sure if the rug is the place to do it. And while we're at it, if anyone knows where to get a piece of furniture to house my TV, I'd love a tip on where to get it! I can't stand having that screen staring at me.

Thanks! GA

Dear GA,

The rug is absolutely one place to get color into your drab (but nice) living room. Since you are working with warm neutral tones, we would say to go with a warm color in this range: red/orange/yellow/sage. How about the reddish color in the pillow at the back?

More colorful pillows will also help.

Art with also help.

The size seems perfect as it is.

Also, you very much need a coffee table to take the edge off the movie theater syndrome you have going on with the TV. We would also slide the two nearer chairs to the right. One would go next to the TV facing the sofa (TV slides over) and the other would face the coffee table and the end sofa directly across. This would form more of a social circle in your living room.

Anyone else?

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