Good Questions: How to Layout This Room?

Good Questions: How to Layout This Room?

Maxwell Ryan
Sep 5, 2006

Hello AT,

My kitty Callie and I just moved into a one bedroom apartment. As you can see from the pictures the living room/kitchen area is combined and quite open with large windows spaced irregularly along the front side.

I love this place but given the odd placement of things, am feeling a very confused on my layout and how to handle privacy, moving my eye away from my lovely fridge next to the bathroom and fireplace while balancing cooking, living/TV, eating and possibly working/Art space...

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I also want to create two wonderful places for my kitty in there. One by the window and one up high.

Can anyone help me? I love design but don't have a smack of sense with space layout. I don't love symmetry but am open to it. I would like it to be a fun, very comfortable/cozy carefree environment but I need some major help! My budget is low but any and all ideas are welcome.

Thanks very much. Dana

Dear Dana,

What great windows! But what a tough room to plan. Don't be down on yourself, as this one will take some experimentation. We can offer you some starter recommendations:

1. place a small round dining table on the right of the room so that you see it as you come down the hall

2. place the living room to the left side with the sofa facing the windows and creating a hallway behind it and tying the fridge to the kitchen.

3. keep your furniture away from your windows!

Anyone else?

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