Should I Paint this Cabinet White?

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Q: In my entryway is the perfect spot for this cabinet where I plan to either hang a mirror over it or framed photos. It’s in really good shape so leaving it black would be fine, but I have the urge to paint it a white lacquer paint finish. I particularly love the hardware. I don’t want to be trendy by painting it white, so I am torn here. This cabinet in white I think of Jonathan Adler or Palm Beach circa 1950’s....

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I picked up this chair for $20.00 which I will paint either a ivory or bright yellow or black with a fun small print upholstery, this will sit next to the cabinet. I don’t typically paint over wood unless it is so ugly. Question should I leave the cabinet alone or paint it white?

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Editor: What do you think? Leave it black or paint it white? Please weight in with your opinion for Lori in the comments below...

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