Sewing Two Rugs Together to Make a Larger Size?

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Q: After months of searching, I've finally found a rug that's exactly what I'm looking for in both price and style. Unfortunately, it only comes in a 3'x5' size, and I would need something larger to fit the scale of my living room. Maybe your lovely readers could chime in: Could I buy two rugs, cut the edging off of one side of each, and sew them together to make one big rug?

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The pattern is random enough that I think it might blend in without making an obvious seam. Would it be a horrible Franken-rug disaster? Or could this work? Thanks, Apartment Therapy!

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Editor: The photos shown above are from a project done with rag rugs originally posted on Apartment Therapy: New York, and we think it works really well because the stitches become part of the new design. We're not sure if it would be as successful with a patterned rug - what do you think? Please share your suggestions and ideas with Kelly in the comments below - thanks!

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