Good Questions: Island Enlargement Please?

Good Questions: Island Enlargement Please?

Maxwell Ryan
Sep 7, 2006

Hello AT,

I had my apartment renovated before I moved in back in February of this year. I'm thrilled with how everything turned out, especially my kitchen but am now wishing that I could accommodate two more seats at my kitchen peninsula.

Coming from a tiny rental, where my coffee table was also my dining table, I was at first feeling spoiled with my new 34"x49" peninsula. However the reality is I cannot accommodate more than one other person for a sit down meal...

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As you can see from the pictures, the two seats I do have are on the living room side of the peninsula (8" counter over hang). You'll also see that there are drawers and cabinets on the kitchen side of the peninsula, so a kitchen-side over hang wasn't an option over the storage that the peninsula gives me. An over hang on the side of the peninsula was also not an option as it would not have allowed enough of an opening into the kitchen.

My idea is this: create a portable 8" over hang on the kitchen side - something with collapsable legs that is only there when needed and can easily fold up and be stored in a closet. I'm thinking MDF or HDF could be used, and I've found a laminate that matches my SileStone.

Thoughts? Additional ideas?

Thanks very much, Tom


Your idea sounds great, though a little challenging to produce. You know how in bars they will often lay a piece of wood on the bar to create more overhang for eating? Perhaps it would be simpler to make a wooden top that would simply sit over the whole thing - overhanging on both sides - and which could slip away when not in use. A nice piece of wood, with a high finish would look lovely and you wouldn't need to worry about matching your silestone.

Anyone else???

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