Good Questions: Where Can I Find These Beds?

Good Questions: Where Can I Find These Beds?

Maxwell Ryan
Sep 11, 2006

Hello AT,

Does anyone know where I can find carved beds such as these???

For the past 3 years, I have been searching high and low for them -- in antique and junk shops, Toronto's Little India, many, many online searches...all to no avail. I have even contacted the owner of these 2 beds, Suzanne Sharp of the Rug Company, who shared with me that she bought them over 20 years ago on Portobello Road....

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The need to find these beds is becoming urgent: babe #2 is due in a few short weeks, and babe #1 is ready to be moved into a big-girl bed -- so it is now or never. These beds just seem to be the sort that "dreams are made of", and fit with everything else in our daughter's room.

Their resemblance to the Taj Mahal make me think that they are Indian, but I don't know for sure. I would love to find at least one of these beds, and ideally, two.

Can anyone help me?




While they may look Indian in theme, they are most likely English fantasies of the East. And if Suzanne Sharp found them that long ago on Portobello Road, there is very little chance of finding them again. But you never know....

What you could do here however is make your own headboard for a simple children's white wood bedframe. The curves could easily be cut and the finials could easily be matched from any good building supply. This would be a nice project for the right person.

Anyone else????

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