Help! My Living Room Makes Me Nauseous!

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Q: Whoa, am I in need of help… My living room is making me consistently nauseous. I’m not quite sure how this happened. I am aware of the deep wrongness of the raisin-ish trim beside the flat gold paint – recently re-painted after a wonderful yet cabin-feverish year on maternity leave where the previous red made me nearly psychotic with its light swallowing abilities – but I don’t know where to go from here...

Should I just paint the molding the same yellow-gold color or a warm white? I’m tempted to go grey, but that seems too predictable. I was not aware of how repulsive blue (couch) and brown (rug) seem to be together – super-ick. I reupholstered thee couch a few years ago, now I think I might loathe it. Although I am really not a neutral person (witness the gold and deep blue dining room, inspired by Philip Treacy’s over-the-top dining room, which I realize might make even a quasi-modernis twitch, even with the Saarinen table, sadly obscured by chaos ) but I find myself hoping for something that will not make me feel dizzy.

Major issues: my (carpenter ) husband made these coffee tables (bungalow 5 rip-offs) to replace out old chinoiserie one, but I am seriously lost as to what color to paint them…even the choice between dark or light eludes me entirely. The fireplace will be dealt with and is now just covering up a hole in the wall. Should I order a plain neutral 6 X 9 rug to cover up the bossiness of the rug, the ? Or * ack* replace the couch? Should I maybe move the rug to the dining room? I sadly, sincerely lie awake at night wondering how I can correct this nuclear botch job. I am in need of seriously big advice- any and all. I need to feel at home again.

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