Good Questions: Roman Cobble Decor Ideas?

Good Questions: Roman Cobble Decor Ideas?

Maxwell Ryan
Sep 20, 2006

Hello AT,

My husband and I picked up a cobblestone while we were in Rome earlier this month. It's actually (and surprisingly) the only souvenir the people at the airport didn't confiscate from us on the way home (no wine or fancy soaps for us!). We'd like to incorporate it into our decor in some way. Got any fantastic ideas? I'm attaching a picture of the stone, which is about 4.5 inches wide by 5 inches long by a little over 4 inches deep. I'm also attaching a few shots of our home so you can see our style.

Thanks so much! Holly

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Dear Holly,

This is a kooky question and we would hesitate to try to make into too much of a focal point. It means much more to you than it does to anyone else who sees it. Our advice would be to put it to use for what it is good for: heaviness. Place it as a bookend on a bookshelf or at the base of a door for a doorstop. If you can find a way to use it in your house, you will be honoring the use it provided the Romans all those centuries.

Anyone else?

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